Lady Gaga comrades urged the military ban repealed

19 septembrie 2010

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Singer Lady Gaga Metal LED Flashlightvideo released last Friday, urged the Senate and her “fellow members of the United States” to help repeal the prohibition of military rule in the military openly gay people serving Aluminum LED Flashlight.

In her most obvious political stance of today, Gaga, 24, described as “My Generation” own voice, and called for hundreds of millions of fans to help overturn her policy of allowing gay men and women serving in the military as long as they continue their sexual orientation privacy.

U.S. Senate expected to vote Tuesday on whether to begin the annual Defense Department authorization bill, including the end of the Clinton era, the language debate is “do not ‘ask do not tell” policy. Voting results are expected to be closed. In the United States House of Representatives has voted to repeal.

In black and white video, which more than seven minutes long, Gaga sitting in a dignified American wearing a dark colored tie, white shirt and dark suit jacket in front of the flag.

“I came here for the voice of my generation,” Gaga, 24, said in the YouTube video. “Is not the voice of the senators who are elected but the country’s youth – the generation effect of this method, it will affect children.”

Calling the law unconstitutional, and she encouraged her fans called for Senator in the region. She also asked Twitter followers, so that their own video support equal rights.

“Tweet me your video, I will release them,” she said.

Grammy award-winning artists advertised performance, and have been outspoken, sexual orientation issue, openly gay rope in her concerts.

Last weekend, she was walking in the MTV Video Music Awards with four dates of her red carpet gay veterans.

Gaga also posted on her Web site a video, the scope of her and her Facebook Twitter account. The singer, whose hits include “Bad Love” and “Alejandro”, has more than 180,000 fans on Facebook and Twitter more than 600 million followers.

Lady Gaga, who’s two years before the outbreak of the stage, there is no dispute of strangers. Last Sunday, she wore a dress made entirely of raw meat of MTV’s awards show, and live performances, she has set up a piano and painted with fake blood fire themselves.

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